Intimate couple sessions

#Joyfulness is a personal project. With the #joyfulness series I’m trying to get deeper into the personal space of two people in love. By using a smaller and more intimate environment I hope to capture spontaneous, pure and raw moments of intimacy. An exercise to capture two strangers in love and make the pictures look personal and real. No studio setups, it’s just me with my camera.

I got a lot of questions about this.. What exactly am I looking for in a couple. I’ll try to explain. First off : You don’t have to be a model, you don’t need that perfect body and guys, you don’t need a perfect six-pack. I’m looking for couples crazy about each other that like to play/fight/cuddle and just BE together and spend the day together. I’m looking for couples that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone with me by letting me photograph them in their personal space. Maybe you have a strong personality, that will show but maybe you even are bit shy and that could be cute too… I just want you guys to have an open mind and discover & experiment with me. Above all: I expect you guys to be in LOVE.

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